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Streamline Your Cinema Operations


Get a WireTAP appliance for your theatre to directly receive content over broadband or wireless networks

Qube WireTAP

Real-time data feed of your Trusted Device List (TDL) of servers, projectors and other digital cinema devices, to distributors and KDM providers. Made a hardware change on site? Instantly notify the rest of the world with a standards-compliant FLM-x data feed.

FLM-x Feed

Any KDMs sent to are routed to the right theatre and screen, while all your KDMs are in one place, organized by chain, theatre or composition. View all content and keys grouped by site, or by movie, and track delivery status right up to your door. Or into your WireTAP.

Universal Inbox

Gain complete control. Directly manage theatre information as well as server, projector and other digital cinema device data to update distributors and KDM providers worldwide instantly via your own FLM-x data feed.

Device Management

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