SMPTE DCP Test Instructions

Dear Colleague,

You should have already received instructions on how to obtain the SMPTE DCP Test Content. If you have not received the test content, please download it from

Upgrade before the Test

Before ingesting and playing the test content, please ensure all your equipment is upgraded to the latest available software and firmware versions. Please contact your integrator or technical support contact for assistance with this.

About the Test Content

The test content is only 2.3GB in size and contains two versions, one at 24fps (green graphics) and one at 25fps (blue graphics). The test sequence plays an audio signal through each speaker channel in sync with a corresponding highlight graphic and descriptive subtitle (as per the example image above) for approximately 1m30s in duration.
Note : 7.1 audio is not a requirement for the SMPTE test and therefore not included.

Test Name: 24FPS 5.1 OV

  • EDCF-SMPTE_TST-2-Bv21-24_S_EN-EN_51-HI-VI_2K_20170630_DTU_SMPTE_OV
    UUID: 4c26607f-f961-4e6d-b74e-a8f272a48a8d

Test Name: 25FPS 5.1 OV

  • EDCF-SMPTE_TST-2-Bv21-25_S_EN-EN_51-HI-VI_2K_20170630_DTU_SMPTE_OV
    UUID: b1b92f1c-5933-49f3-9d79-e04a73ec7974

There are also 2 Dolby Atmos VF CPLs included.
Note: these CPLs are only for testing in Dolby Atmos auditoriums. Please ensure you ingest the respective SMPTE OV first.

Test Name: 24FPS ATMOS VF

  • EDCF-SMPTE_TST-2-Bv20-24_S_EN-EN_51-HI-VI-Atmos_2K_20170727_DTU_SMPTE_VF
    UUID: 4b6bd73e-0cd5-4b8c-900e-9c12584c3eb9

Test Name: 25FPS ATMOS VF

  • EDCF-SMPTE_TST-2-Bv20-25_S_EN-EN_51-HI-VI-Atmos_2K_20170731_DTU_SMPTE_VF
    UUID: 55ebca2d-b626-4613-920b-b17f381100a7

Test Keys

The test content is encrypted, and keys are being managed by Qube Cinema.
If you require any assistance with Keys, please email:

Running the Test

Please ingest and play back the 24fps test content in all of your auditoriums and enter the results under your respective country:
Note: The 25fps version is optional and only to be played back if the 24fps test runs successfully without any issues.

If you do experience any problems running the test, please contact your integrator or technical support contact for assistance and re-run the test once any required updates have been completed.

Thank you for your co-operation on this important test.