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Qube Wire and Scrabble delivery network expands further in the Middle East and in parts of Africa

Qube Wire and Scrabble Entertainment’s electronic delivery partnership has grown to cover 13 countries across the Middle East and parts of Africa. The collaboration between the two companies ensures the best technology and service for digital content delivery to the region.

Theatres in Kuwait are now fully connected electronically, and new remediation hubs have been added in Cairo, Beirut, and Baghdad. Beyond the Middle East, Qube and Scrabble have partnered for delivery in Ethiopia and Djibouti as well.

Together we support the delivery of all genres of theatrical content for the region -- Hollywood, Independent, Indian, and Arabic films. In 2023, we delivered 948 different titles to a total of 67,680 bookings. 2024 is off to a strong start, pacing better than last year.

“Qube Wire has the most comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solution. We continue to grow our network where clients ask us to. If your content needs to get to theatres in the region, there is simply no other solution that makes sense.”, shares Nigel Dennis, SVP – Sales. Qube Cinema.

Elaborating on the strategy in the region, Pruthu R. Shah, CEO of Scrabble Entertainment DMCC said, “Our focus is on enabling client success. Our strategy reflects our commitment to providing technology-based solutions for ease of operations for Exhibitors, Producers, and Distributors. We strive to make content delivery seamless across geographies, countries, and regulatory bodies.”

The Qube Wire cloud delivery platform is well known globally for its market-leading ease of installation, operation, and support. Qube has enabled content delivery directly to theatres equipped with the WireTAP device, through either installed hardware or software within the theatre. This completely solves the logistical challenges of delivering hard drives.

The added delivery choice of Qube Wire’s WireLink is a convenient and secure way to deliver content to locations that are challenging to reach through existing physical, satellite, and electronic delivery methods. WireLink surmounts infrastructure and geographical challenges to deliver content securely. WireLink does not need specialized hardware at the theatre or downloading a third-party service to download the Digital Cinema Package.

The Qube Wire service is now available across 134 countries for movie content delivery. The territories where Qube Wire content delivery services are now available include major regions both developing and mature markets, from Southeast Asia to Africa to Europe and the Americas.

Qube Wire ensures fast, reliable content delivery across 13 countries in the region

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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