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3.8+ million KDM’s delivered across 138 countries

2023 – Qube Wire’s most phenomenal year in delivering KDM’s

We talk often about the impressive amount of content that gets sent via Qube Wire, but Qube Wire also delivers an impressive amount of KDMs. A Key Delivery Message (KDM) is required to play an encrypted movie – each KDM enables one version of the movie to play on a target playback device for a specified duration. In 2023, Qube Wire delivered over 3.8 million KDMs across 138 countries.

Qube Wire has revolutionized digital cinema distribution by offering a centralized platform for KDM management and delivery. Through its user-friendly, cloud-hosted web interface, distributors can seamlessly upload encrypted content and generate KDMs tailored to individual theatres or screening events. Qube Wire's robust encryption algorithms and secure transmission protocols safeguard KDMs against interception or tampering.

Qube is also proud of the size and scope of our Trusted Device List database used to make and send these KDMs. As of December 2023, Qube Wire has mapped and managed server details for over 185,000 screens at over 53,000 theatres.

Theatres accessible globally through Qube Wire - 53,000
Screens accessible globally through Qube Wire - 185,000

The USA, UK, Australia, and Canada continue to be the top regions for KDM delivery. Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and India are growing regions for our KDM delivery service.

By leveraging Qube Wire's integrated KDM management capabilities, filmmakers and distributors gain confidence in the security of their content throughout the distribution chain. Qube Wire's adherence to industry standards and best practices instils trust among stakeholders, assuring them that their intellectual property is protected against piracy and unauthorized exploitation.

Qube Wire’s web-based portal facilitates transparent KDM tracking and reporting functionalities. Distributors can monitor KDM usage, track screening activity, and enforce contractual obligations with ease, enhancing accountability throughout the distribution chain. This transparency fosters trust among stakeholders and strengthens the integrity of business relationships.

Qube Wire remains at the forefront of security innovation, continually enhancing its encryption protocols and KDM management capabilities to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities. By investing in cutting-edge security technology, Qube Wire ensures that the movie industry remains resilient against piracy and maintains the trust of content creators, distributors, and exhibitors.

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