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Francis Yushua Brown joins Qube Wire in Africa

Qube Cinema is pleased to announce that Francis Yushua Brown is joining the team to expand our rapidly growing presence in Africa. Francis will be looking to further develop Qube Wire’s digital distribution business across the continent.

Francis comes with considerable industry expertise, and he has a highly respected background in filmmaking. He is the founder and creative director of AnimaxFYB Studios, based in Ghana. He has also gained international acclaim for his outstanding animation. His industry experience and understanding of the region will make him an asset to the Qube Wire team.

Distributors across Africa have been asking Qube Wire to help get their content directly to theatres. Nigel Dennis SVP of Global Sales said “We know it’s tough, but Qube is rising to the challenge. Where there is a will, there is a way! We are already offering our service in Ghana, DRC, Djibouti, Mauritius and Reunion Islands. The next countries in the pipeline are Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and South Africa.”

Francis is a talented individual who has already slotted into our team perfectly. We’ll continue, as we always have, to listen to both exhibition and distribution on how we can make their lives easier and act accordingly.”

Francis Brown says “I envision a valuable partnership with Qube Wire, a distinguished leader in the cinema industry. Their holistic approach to addressing the significant hurdles in the African cinema operations, through tailored electronic delivery solutions and collaborative studio/operator engagement harmonizes seamlessly with my mission as a cinema consultant and filmmaker. Together, we can empower African cinema operators and owners with precisely crafted solutions, thus revolutionizing the industry.”

Qube Wire is more than just a distribution tool. For more information on how Qube Wire can add value to your operations, write to us at

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