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Hot Takes - 2021

Jawahar Sharma

Simultaneous theatrical and OTT will be the new reality
The rules have changed. Consumption patterns have changed. Audiences value convenience, variety and individualism more than ever before.

There’s an audience for everything
Short form, long form and feature length all have their audience, and this gets further segmented via genre, sub-genre, style, language—you name it. The theatre has come to define a certain kind of content, and the rest of it needs to be watched elsewhere.

Moving with the times is essential for survival
The hallowed 90-day theatrical window has all but disappeared. The last of the studios have agreed to bring it down to 31 days, and exhibitors simply don’t have the power to fight this losing battle.

Streaming is the great leveller
Fast-forward five years and you see a world in which cinema infrastructure struggles to keep pace with population growth, the single screens gone, content being produced in high volume and all us busier, virtually connecting out of necessity, faces glued to screens of varying sizes, consuming hundreds of hours of content from the comfort of our homes.

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