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Nigel Dennis

Whilst we published the first with a positive mindset, looking at not just Qube Wire but the industry, the juxtaposition with our second is extraordinary. I do not think we have ever witnessed a difference in quarterly box office numbers like it. Certainly not a time for celebration with the Omicron variant making an impact, though an opportunity to reflect on how the World needs cinema like never before.

Here at Qube Wire, we have not been resting on our laurels, and have been working away to make theatrical delivery the best it can be. We have tied up with Eikon in Australia and New Zealand to supply a full service that takes in both companies' qualities and gives the industry the best in the business. In Eastern Europe, we have installed our WireTAP electronic delivery system and delivered using electronic delivery for the first time in some territories, and our engineers are busying away at bringing new and improved features too.

As always, we would like to hear from you, so if you have any thoughts, feedback or would like to join the Qube Wire family, email us at

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