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Qube Wire 101

Angel Angelescu

Qube Wire has made some great strides forward into making life easier for all in the areas that customers have been specifically asking for content delivery help. With great partnerships in the territory, we have provided a full electronic install delivery program backed up with security-audited hard drive solutions. Customers have been delighted with our progress, and for this quarterly’s edition we have looked at our installs in Eastern Europe with Angel Angelescu from Mercenar.

Qube has worked with Mercenar for over 10 years now. How did you partner with Qube Wire?
We first started working together through the Mastering side of my business. I purchased QubeMaster Pro from you then, and this has been crucial to my business as well as the industry in Romania. We got together on Qube Wire because of the trust in our relationship, and the definite need for a new kind of content delivery solution in the region. Mercenar has constantly been involved with innovation in Romania, and this is certainly a big step forward.

How has the exhibition side of the business taken to Qube Wire’s electronic transformation of content delivery in Eastern Europe?
Wow, this is easy to answer! Exhibitors have been delighted with Qube Wire and I’m getting calls all the time for electronic installation right across the region. It’s not just the fact that it’s electronic that is delighting both distributors and exhibitors, it’s the combination of platform, support and speed that really is making the decision to use Qube Wire super easy. We are working in Romania and Bulgaria, but this is expanding to other regions quickly.

Qube Wire has worked closely with you and major studios to make sure that our network is secure. Was that a challenging process?
Not so much for Mercenar. I have always made sure that we are tight when it comes to security, so there wasn’t too much we needed to do apart from fill forms. Trust is a major part in all relationships in our industry, so locally adding that factor is fantastic for the studios.

What’s the film industry like in Eastern Europe now? Is there much production, and is the quality making it to local and international theatres?
Previously, not much local content was making screens either locally or internationally, but now we are seeing more productions moving in that direction. I think that in Romania we are seeing a maturity from filmmakers to supply content that can sell in other markets now. There has been a shift to give audiences what they want rather than just an art house scene now. We also see several large studio titles coming out of Romania, Bulgaria, and the like. Things are looking good, and I see more of this in the future.

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