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Qube Wire 101 - 2021

Mark Waterston

For those that don’t already know, what - in a nutshell - is Qube Wire all about?
Qube Wire is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to send content to movie theatres all around the world. Our portal provides real time data about the status of your deliveries and our customer service is available 24x7 to answer questions or solve any problems that happen along the way. Our system is so easy, that you can order and monitor the delivery of a movie to theatres all around the globe while sipping a cocktail on the beach.

Distributing from the beach certainly sounds like the future! What makes it different to other such services in the market?
Qube Wire was built from the ground-up, tailored specifically to digital cinema. It does not rely on any legacy systems. Qube Wire also takes advantage of the most efficient way to deliver content in each market, be it hard drive, broadband or satellite. Our clients love that we can get their content to a site quickly and reliably to virtually anywhere on the planet.

So, you mentioned Qube Wire being easy to use. Does this mean anyone can use it? And if so, how would I move my title to a list of theatres with Qube Wire?
Just go to and sign up. Our DCP upload app is available on the same web page. Simply, upload the DCP, select the theatres, and confirm the delivery. Anyone from individual filmmakers who are submitting to a film festival to big Hollywood studios like Warner Bros and The Walt Disney Company use Qube Wire to send their movies. And, we have a team available 24x7 to assist with the process.

How do you use technology to enable day-and-date releases?
Here’s a link to a case study which details how Qube Wire uses Amazon Web Services to enable day-and-date movie releases while reducing the carbon footprint for transporting digital movie files.

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