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WireTAP and WireTAP Air

What is the Qube WireTAP?
WireTAP and WireTAP Air appliances are the backbone of Qube Wire. They enable secure and fast electronic delivery of content of any size to theatres all over the world.

How does it work?
The Qube WireTAP is a cloud-connected in-theatre system. Once a theatre is equipped with a WireTAP or WireTAP Air device, digital cinema packages and keys can be delivered automatically via electronic or satellite IP networks. Ingeniously, Qube have developed the WireTAP to be able use a 5G signal for download too, supplying even more flexibility.

What about integrating it with my theatre?
In short, it's a super easy process. These devices are designed and developed to seamlessly be installed and integrate with theatre appliances and to improve efficiency by automatically ingesting content to playback servers and theatre management systems.

How big is it and what are the hardware specifications?
The Qube WireTAP sports a standard rack-mount form factor. The unit features best-in-slot internals with dedicated encryption hardware and configurable storage. Its reliability is bolstered by 24/7 status monitoring and support.

Tell me more about the WireTAP Air.
The WireTAP Air features the same reliability, performance, and security of the WireTAP in a smaller form factor that's more wallet friendly. It's perfect for delivering content like trailers and adverts.

Which one is right for my theatre?
WireTAP for any content, movies and all. WireTAP Air for trailers and ads.

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