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Sep 2023

It’s time for Qube Wire Quarterly

Check out some exciting updates that we have for you!

A moment of pride for the Qube Wire team as we were awarded the Most Trusted Brand of the Year at the Big Cine Awards 2023!


Qube Wire: Most Trusted Brand of the Year

IMAX Big Cine Awards

Qube Labs is an enthusiastic expression of two of Qube Cinema’s key values, innovation and excellence. We’ve started this unit so we can better support our research initiatives, and to nurture a culture of curiosity and experimentation.


What’s Brewing in Qube Labs?

An interview with Andre Lopes, Director of Qube Labs

Qube Cinema is pleased to announce that Francis Yushua Brown is joining the team to expand our rapidly growing presence in Africa. Francis will be looking to further develop Qube Wire’s digital distribution business across the continent.


Francis Yushua Brown joins Qube Wire in Africa

To develop Qube Wire’s digital distribution business across the continent.

Bollywood once reigned supreme, both within the country and internationally. Now a transformation is underway, stretching far beyond the song-and-dance spectacle to bring exciting stories from across the country to life.

Beyond Bollywood

The Revolution of Indian Cinema

The script of Indian cinema has turned a new page.

Parallel Lines_edited (8).jpg


Barbie's real full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In the Greta Gerwig-directed film Barbie [2023], Barbie's surname was changed to Handler, after Ruth Handler, creator of Barbie.

Barbie [2023] became the most successful film directed solely by a woman in August, when the Greta Gerwig film surpassed DC superhero movie Wonder Woman [2017], directed by Patty Jenkins. Wonder Woman grossed $822 million in 2017. It has also made more than the three other films Gerwig directed - Nights and Weekends, Lady Bird, and Little Women - combined.

Barbie and her surname

Oppenheimer [2023] director Christopher Nolan is a champion of the IMAX 1570 format, the highest-resolution film in existence. With a runtime of three hours, the IMAX 1570 Oppenheimer reel weighs over 250 kilograms and when fully unravelled, will measure 18 kilometers in length!

While Oppenheimer [2023] is the second-highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, the crown still belongs to Joaquin Phoenix-starrer Joker [2019]. The film is also the first R-rated feature to make $1 billion worldwide.

Oppenheimer on IMAX 1570

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